Part 3 ~ Mama overload

@Ginger ~Mom~

So i told the girls to grill some food, because i remeber seeing a grill and a restroom nearby. Piper knew how to cook because her dad but emilee doesn’t. I wanted emilee to be with piper so piper could keep a eye on her. I didn’t want emilee to be in any more trouble. I wasn’t sure if the grill was cleaned or if we weren’t allowed to cook there. It was getting late and i knew the kids were hungry. So i didn’t because they had to be fed one way or another. parkGril.jpgWe didn’t eat much on the way over here, i didn’t have a lot of money and i needed that for bills.  I went around looking for stuff like plants to garden or gems, frogs to sale. I saw a sign earlier that said “Sale plants, gems, frogs, fish… etc, anything you can find”. I was lucky that i got a few. While digging for items, I couldn’t stop thinking about Edward (husband), he was my true love since college and we had three beautiful kids.park-01 Now he is gone, i will never see him again, i really need him right now. Everyone is hurting and i can’t seem to do anything right. All the money is gone, No house, No food, nothing. I feel like i did a horrible thing, the reason i bought this lot was because me and Edward were going to buy it before he died. It was for our kids, to grow up and to have their families, then their kids family so fort each Generation. It was something he wanted, he would’ve wanted fro our kids to have something forever and to always be able to go a safe place.


Part 2 ~ Drunken lost


I was broken ever since dad passed away, i loved him with all my heart and he was there for me when i did wrong, he forgave me. Liam isn’t the only one that is hurting, thats why i had to walk away from my sister and mom. They wouldn’t understand, i found a bar somewhere in town and i ordered a few drinks with the money i had saved.drunk.jpg I got pretty Tipsy, not to much to pass out. Iv’e gotten drunk before, to where i almost fought some dude. Dad had to come pick me up, he was the only one i trusted so i had called him. That next morning was when he gave me a talk, he told me to love others, to forgive and to do good for myself even if i was hurting. I try to do that, but I’m not like him And I will never be like him. I wish i was more like him, he was smart, loving and always put others before him.Emilee.02.jpgI kept on drinking until i knew i had to stop, it had a funny name to which i couldn’t stop laughing for awhile. I think the drink was called zing zang tang walla balla bing bang, i don’t know i can’t stop thinking about dad. I then realized i couldn’t walk home myself, i would get in so much trouble if the police saw me the way i was. In a new town, getting in trouble on my first day of moving wasn’t good idea.

ask-01Ask.jpg So then i asked the bartender that was leaving, if he could just take me home because i wasn’t capable to go myself. He said sure and asked where i lived, i told him very cautiously  and got in his car. I saw piper, she was so pissed you should see her veins and they were about to exploded. She was going to lecture me about drinking and having a stranger take me home. blah blah blah!

angry-piperangry-piper-01I was right

Piper: “You know i can smell your gross alcoholic breath miles away, Mom needs us right now and-”

Emilee: “And what? We have to be tough right?, why?!?! Im hurting too. I can’t help that i miss dad, so can you please stop getting mad at me for being in emotional pain”

Piper: “Dad always saw the best in you, I know he wouldn’t want you to be like this. He would have wanted you to do good and to help mom with Liam. Can you try and i will try to not be so hard on you, i just need you to try.”

Emilee: “What do you know about dad? You were never close to him, you don’t care about him at all. Your just a mistake!”

Piper: “I know a lot about dad then you ever will, Im close to dad and I’m not a mistake. It was a mistake that dad always forgiving you when you didn’t  deserve it, your a soiled rotten brat.”

I can’t believe it, piper, my sister spoke her mind. Thats new, i wonder what else was new? then dad and her, how close were they really that i didn’t know of?

……Mom: “Oh god emilee come here please we need to talk”

mom-care-01mom-careEmilee: “yes mom…”

Mom: “I know your hurting, I’m sorry. I should’ve thought about y’all feelings first, I’m not like your dad. So take your time, to heal and to try to find yourself. i love you and I’m sorry for hurting you”


I just gave mom a hug, didn’t say anything. Just hugged her, I was very thankful that mom would give me time to mourn. I just didn’t know how to tell her, all i could think about is to hug her. Then Mom tells me and piper to go to a grill, to cook something. Oh dear!


Part 1 ~The new move~


The town we moved in was called Newcrest and it sounded very familiar, i just didn’t know why. I was trying really hard to remember but emilee made me lose my train of thought with her whining. “WHY DID WE HAVE TO MOVE HERE! I WANT TO GO BACK TO WILLOW CREEK, ALL MY FRIENDS ARE THERE!” I asked mom if i could duck tape her mouth because i knew she was going to whine the whole time, but noo! “Oh emilee its not that bad, its very pretty here and you can make new friends.” she gazed at me with a “I will kill you later look” then said “OH YEAH OF COURSE YOU WOULD BE FINE WITH MOVING HERE….your “boyfriend/best friend or whatever” lives here” I was in shock, because she remembers. I forgot that Alexander moved here, i was so depressed for years that he moved, he was my only friend i had since elementary-6th grade middle school. Everything was silenced after that, my little brother liam didn’t really care that we moved but ever since dad pasted away, has hit him hard. He doesn’t really talk to anyone anymore, dad and him were very close. They would talk and play  for hours, I wish dad was still here. I don’t like it when Liam is so quiet, but mom told us to give him time. We finally arrived at ….our lot, I’m really confused. There is supposed to be a house right there.


I was so confused and angry, “What the…what is this? where is our house? W..-what?!?!” I didn’t know what to say, i wasn’t ungrateful for not having a house. I was confused on what happened with our rainy day money, it was all we had left. Liam was there scared so i told him to  “Go play at the playground, okay sweetheart” he nodded and left.  Then mom started explaining “I have to get this lot, it was the only thing available and to our cost range. I know both of y’all are mad and I’m sorry. Its going to be different for awhile, but we can handle it. Im going to need both of you to help take care of your brother, keep a good eye on him.” Emilee was furious “So you tell me you used all of the money we had left, on a lot! not on a small house or cloths or food! Really? Also Liam is not the only one dealing with dad…” She was right, mom could’ve found another way. “Emilee has a poi-” agrument-01agrumentBefore i could finish, Emilee stormed off, to some place just wondering. hopefully not at a bar getting drunk. Mom just sat on one of the beds. (Yeah beds outdoors) She had to get a job or i had to soon, While she was thinking of what to do i went to Liam to keep him company. “Hey buddy, I’m sorry about this…and everything that has happened” He smiled and nodded. Pirate.jpgHe gestured me to come on the pirate ship “Ahoy, matey! i wii com’e aboard,  just don’t make me walk the salty plank” wasn’t my best impression of a pirate, i could tell from Liam’s face, he wasn’t impressed.pirate-01 Then mom called us over because we needed to talk about how things were going to be uh-ohh…

The Journey Begins

Im starting my first story, its about two teenage sister’s. Their Dad died recently. So their mom decides to move to a new town for her kids (She thought it was for the best). The girls are total opposites from each other, one is good, the other is bad. The way Their family is dealing with the lost of their dad is that their brother is trying to make friends, mom is trying to get the girls straight and pay bills, piper is trying to find her old best friend alexander and emilee is getting into boy trouble. Which for mom is hard because they need money bad and she needs help from the girls. They weren’t poor before their Dad died, So everything is different when not getting what you want.

So far we have…

Piper Wescott-good sister  TRAITS- loner & creativepiper.jpg

Emilee Wescott-bad sister TRAITS- jealous & romanticemilee

Ginger Wescott-Mom, Mother of Piper, Emilee and liam TRAITS-goofball, family~oriented& foodie ginger.jpg

Liam Wescott-Little Brother  TRAITS- outgoingliam.jpg

Lucas Vonblumenberg-Emilee’s Boyfriend  TRAITS- snob & romanticlucas.jpg

Asher Farrington-Lucas Best Friend  TRAITS- creative & outgoing asher.jpg

Eva Downs-Emilee Best Friend  TRAITS- goofball & outgoingeva.jpg

Alexander Huynh-Piper’s BEST FRIEND!   TRAITS- geek & self~assured alexander.jpg

Megan Farrington-Piper’s best friend  TRAITS- Bookworm & creative megan.jpg